2021 IL-1040-ES Estimated Income Tax Payments for Individuals (2024)

2021 IL-1040-ES Estimated Income Tax Payments for Individuals (1)

Estimated Tax Worksheet

Complete the Estimated Tax Worksheet to figure your estimated tax and

the amount of any required payments.

If your income changes during the tax year,

refigure the Estimated Tax Worksheet based on your changes.

Enter the refigured amount from Line 10 on your Amended

Estimated Tax Worksheet, Line 1.

follow the Amended Estimated Tax Worksheet instructions for

Lines 2 through 8.

Fiscal-year taxpayers – Please adjust the due dates to

correspond to your tax year.

Electronic Payment Options

If you determine that you must make estimated tax payments, we

encourage you to use one of the following electronic payment options:

Online – Visit our website at mytax.illinois.gov to have your

payment taken from your checking or savings account. You will

need your IL-PIN (Illinois Personal Identification Number).

Credit Card Use your MasterCard, Discover, American Express,

or Visa. The credit card service provider will assess a convenience

fee. Have your credit card ready and visit our website or call one of

the following:

Official Payments Corporation at 1 833 747-1434.

Value Payment Systems at 1 888 9-PAY-ILS (1 888 972-9457).

Link2Gov/FIS at 1 877 57-TAXES (1 877 578-2937).

Electronic Funds Transfer Complete Form EFT-1, Authorization

Illinois Department of Revenue

IL-1040-ES Estimated Income Tax Payments for Individuals 2021

If you do not receive your income

evenly throughout the year or if you must

begin making estimated payments in

midyear, see Form IL-2210, Computation of

Penalties for Individuals, for further details on

annualizing your income.

When are my payments due?

Your first estimated payment is due by

April 15, 2021. You may either pay all of

your estimated tax at that time or pay your

estimated tax in four equal installments that

are due on April 15, 2021; June 15, 2021;

September 15, 2021; and January 18, 2022.

If you file on a fiscal-year basis,

please adjust all the due dates to correspond

to your tax year.

Are there any exceptions?

You do not have to make estimated

payments if you are

65 years or older and permanently living in

a nursing home or

a farmer. We consider you a farmer if at

least two-thirds of your total federal gross

income is from farming.

Am I required to make estimated

income tax payments?

You must make estimated income tax

payments if you reasonably expect your 2021

tax liability to exceed $1,000 after subtracting

your Illinois withholding, pass-through

withholding, and tax credits for

income tax paid to other states,

Illinois Property Tax paid,

education expenses,

the Earned Income Credit, and

Schedule 1299-C, Income Tax

Subtractions and Credits (for individuals).

You will likely need to make estimated

payments if your income is either fully or

partially exempt from Illinois withholding.

Complete the Estimated Tax Worksheet to

figure your estimated tax and to determine

if you are required to make estimated tax

payments. If you plan to file a joint income

tax return, you must figure your estimated

tax on your joint income.

If you determine that you are required to

make estimated payments, you should

pay 100 percent of the tax. If your income

changes during the year, you should

complete the amended worksheet.

What if I do not make my payments?

You may be assessed a late-payment

penalty if you do not pay the required

estimated payments on time. We will apply

each payment to the earliest due date until

that liability is paid, unless you provide

specific instructions to apply it to another

period. However, if you pay at least 90 percent

of this year’s tax or at least 100 percent of last

year’s tax in four equal timely installments,

you may not be subject to this penalty.

For more information about penalties and

interest, see Publication 103, Penalties and

Interest for Illinois Taxes.

What if I need additional assistance?

If you need additional assistance,

visit our website at tax.illinois.gov,

call 1 800 732-8866 or 217 782-3336

(TDD, telecommunications device for the

deaf, at 1 800 544-5304),

write to us at Illinois Department of

Revenue, P.O. Box 19044, Springfield,

Illinois 62794-9044, or

visit a regional office.

Our office hours are 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

(Springfield office) and 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

(all other regional offices), Monday through


Agreement for Certain Electronic Payments. To print a copy of this

form or for more information about this program, visit our website at


If you pay electronically, do not send us your payment


Estimated Tax Voucher

If you pay by check or money order, complete Form IL-1040-ES.

Enter your Social Security number, and, if you are filing a joint

return, enter your spouse’s Social Security number. Enter these

numbers in the order they will appear on your Form IL-1040,

Individual Income Tax Return.

Enter your name, and, if you are filing a joint return, enter your

spouse’s name. Also, enter your address and phone number.

Enter the amount you are paying from your Estimated Tax

Worksheet, Line 11, on the “Amount of payment” line.

Detach the voucher, and enclose it with your payment. Print

your Social Security number(s), tax year, and “IL-1040-ES” on your

payment. Mail both to the address shown on the voucher. Complete

your Record of Estimated Tax Payments on the next page.

Form IL-1041, IL-1065, and IL-1120-ST filers Do not

use Form IL-1040-ES vouchers. Use

the voucher associated with your

return type

to make any voluntary prepayments of tax.

Page 1 of 2

IL-1040-ES (R-12/20)

Printed by authority of the State of Illinois, web only, 1.

This form is authorized as outlined under the Illinois Income Tax Act. Disclosure of

this information is required. Failure to provide information could result in a penalty.

2021 IL-1040-ES Estimated Income Tax Payments for Individuals (2024)


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