22 Bucket List Ideas For 2022 (2024)

The world is big. Life is short. And the only real time any of us have is the right here, right now. That’s why the Humps team decided to get drunk one night (what?!) and pull together an epic Bucket List of awesome places to explore, crazy things to do and wild experiences to tick off (all while wearing our sustainable and unbreakable shades, obviously).

Sure, the term ‘bucket list’ kinda feels a bit tacky these days but, c’mon, after 48 months of mortal dread, existential crises, planes being grounded around the world and restrictions coming and going faster than the Marvel movies, who gives a single damn about being a little corny?

Like we said, life’s way too short for you to be too cool for bucket lists, and if you want to daydream about island hopping around Greece, eating an unidentifiable meal from a IG-worthy food cart or having an all-nighter in Vegas with Dennis Rodman, then you go for it, amigo.

So to kick off 2022 with nothing but hopes, dreams and some serious thrills, now’s the time to grab a pen, rip off a piece of paper and start scribbling down the adventures you want to have this year because it’s time to live. Really. Freakin’. Live. - #daretoexplore

Ask any Greek person and they’ll tell you that Greece is the most beautiful country in the world. What’s more, they’re not bluffing. That’s why we named our Mythos Collection after this place’s legendary wow-factor. But the best part: the thousands of Greek Islands you can hop about. From Hydra to Rhodes, Crete to Skiathos, Santorini to Ikaria, Kefalonia to Milos, every isle in this postcard-perfect place comes with the dreamiest beaches, best sunsets, laidback locals and the best olives you’ve ever tasted.

Because the destination is only half the fun. That’s what makes a road trip so freakin’ iconic. Polarized sunglasses lined-up on the dash, a bare ankle dangling out of the passenger window, a daily sunset posted to your IG feed, roadside oddities, psychedelic landscapes, this epic playlist on repeat and a cooler full of snacks. Now you just gotta decide where to point the hood and roll through. Iceland, Down Under, Europe, British Columbia, Argentina’s Route 40 or any of the good old American road trips.

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Once the pandemic has packed its s**t and waved goodbye to the world, there’s only gonna be one way to celebrate: a yacht party. That’s where our buddies at The Bucketlust come in. Imagine a floating festival where a flotilla of party boards travels around different parts of a far-off paradise, stopping off for exclusive mid-ocean raves, circle-raft parties, sending it on pristine white beaches in matching swimwear, and fist-pumping on the deck of a sun-soaked yacht, with 299 other members of your new found forever squad. This is one of those once-in-a-lifetime experiences you’ll want to have at least once a year for the rest of your life.

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Spoiler alert: we’re talking a speedboat, a jet ski, an off-road dune buggy, a supercar on a track day, a normal car down the German Autobahn, a dirt bike, an aeroplane, horse, camel or anything else you can think of. Drive it like you stole it.

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You know the kind of places we’re talking about. Machu Picchu, Angkor Wat, Pompeii, the one full of Easter Island heads, Petra. The kind of places that aren’t just far-away, but feel like they’ve been left behind in time, their civilizations long gone as you wander about the huge ancient ruins scattered about in jungles and deserts.

We’re stoked about every pair of sunglasses we’ve designed and developed, but our most badass creation are our Memory Metal frames – all 3 of them. Hint: they’re unbreakable. You can bend them, twist them, fold them and crush them, they’ll just bounce back to their original form. Yepp. That means you can sit on them, drive over them or even let your crazy nephew play with them… they just won’t break.

*And if you send us a video of you trying, you’ll be entered into our monthly $100 giveaway.

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We spoke to a guy who claimed to work for NASA and he told us that it’s impossible to spend half-an-hour in an Irish pub and not make a dozen friends. And of those twelve, at least three of them will be there at your wedding 5 years from now. That’s how much fun these places are. Sink a few pints of Guinness, dance on the tables, swap stories and have the time of your life.

Live in a treehouse for a bit. Convert a van into a tiny home. Motorcycle through South America. See the Amazon River from a cruise. Gawp at the wilderness found on the Serengeti. Get a job on a ranch. Turn your phone off for a week. Whatever the words “off-grid” mean to you, make a plan to do it.

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Nothing feels more liberating than leaving your clothes on a beach, stepping out of your underwear and running into the sea-slash-ocean-slash-lake at nighttime, except if you realise you’re doing this naked swimming surrounded by bioluminescence. That’s where the phrase “you have to see it to believe it” comes in. There you are, swimming butt naked in the pitch black, every little movement triggering an underwater light show. It’s incredible and one of the reasons you need to explore Mosquito Bay, Toyama Bay, Malta and the Maldives.

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Everyone has a dream beach scene. A floating villa in Bora Bora, a palm-strung hammock in Bali, a straw hut in Jamaica or an RV parked up on the edge of a hidden lake right here in the US. Wherever it is, stay there for so long that you have no idea what day of the week it is or what your passwords are when you finally return home again because we all need that kind of escape now and then.

Everytime we see a snap of someone wearing our polarized sunglasses inside the Arctic Circle we get hit with a pang of FOMO. From Finland to Alaska, Greenland to Siberia, there’s something crazy about this otherworldly region at the top of the world; a place full of glacier fields, frozen crags, alien ice formations, the midnight sun, and endless beauty, all of which is sat on a knife’s edge. But seeing it through your own protected peepers will make it feel very, very real.

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We thought about lumping this road trip in with the rest of them but then Will The Marketing Intern reminded us of something: “You can’t chuck America’s coolest drive in with the rest of ‘em.” And for once, Will was right. The Overseas Highway is more than just another stretch of tarmac; it’s 113 miles of scenic road set across 42 bridges with the best views of the Florida Keys. And once you arrive, you get to party like it’s [insert whatever year you want to go back to] on South beach, baby.

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The purists out there are gonna hate us saying this, but we don’t care what game you go to, just make sure you go to one or two and then repeat the process because live sports are crazy fun. Watch NASCAR at Talladega, throw a few Mint Juleps back at the Kentucky Derby, take in the scenes at America’s largest beer garden (aka Wrigley Field), get stuck into some goo old-fashioned tailgating at whichever team your friends support, or check out the rodeo. It’ll be the best thing you ever did. Possibly.

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Lakes. Rivers. Swimming holes. Waterfalls. The open sea, a lost lagoon or simply jumping off a boat in the deep ocean. Wild swimming is a thrill (and don’t worry if you lose or break your Humps sunglasses because our Lifetime Warranty means we’ll replace broken ones and give you 20% OFF your lost ones).

Like zodiac signs, there’s a National Park for everyone, no matter what you’re into. So, please, if you decide to do more of anything this year, make sure it involves seeing more National Parks. Hike the trails of Yellowstone, try to spot Alex Honnold at Yosemite, lose your mind at the bottom of the Grand Canyon, and then head to Utah where you’ll realize the whole entire state is basically just one massive park. Or better yet, head to one of the smaller, more underrated ones; parks like Big Bend, Great Teton, Crater Lake and Isle Royale where your photos will be just as good, but the crowds will be way less frustrating.

Here’s the plan: Pull on any pair of our Venice frames, grab a drink at any of the bars, restaurants or hotels that overlook Venice Beach, and then grab another one before you take a stroll along the boardwalk, wishing you were also that good at roller skating, picking out your favorite street performers and exploring the canals as you head toward the Santa Monica Ferris Wheel at sunset. Trust us: this is a life affirming moment.

You get a certain amount of kudos when posting a #nofilter image on Instagram, which is just one of the reasons you need to get into hiking. The other is the mind-melting landscapes, followed by the sense of achievement and number of stories you’ll get to tell. The trick is knowing where to hike, so find out what the coolest hiking trails are in your area and then go to Montana. Glacier National Park is just that staggering.

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Ahhhh, California’s Mojave Desert, a place where people go to find themselves amongst the yucca trees, carpet of boulders, desert trails, UFOlogists, solitude seekers, antique dealers, and offbeat creatives. It’s a special kind of place that offers something to everyone. Sometimes it’s wilderness, sometimes it’s the music history, other times it’s the epic landscapes, and more often than not it’s the chance to find out who you are as you hike, bike, rock climb, camp, stargaze, and plan how you’ll sell all of your belongings so that you can move into an RV in the desert, which will happen.

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Hint: There’s a bunch of really, really old and really, really big sequoia trees that are gonna make you feel super-insignificant, humble, blessed, and happy all at the same time.

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There’s something about swapping a plane for a train that feels kinda cool, like your stepping back in time to when the Wild West was having a moment. There’s a rhythm and a romance to it, not to mention a much smaller carbon footprint. But best of all, there’s a chance to see a place like you never thought you could. From interrailing around Europe to exploring the arctci wilderness of the Trans-Siberian train to having your jaw hit the floor a thousand times a day as you chill out on the luxurious Rocky Mountaineer as it winds its way through the spectacular landscape of mountains and canyons hiding between Denver and Moab, train travel is a serious vibe.

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In the realm of values, sustainability has risen to the top of the totem pole. The problem is knowing how to navigate all the jargon so that you’re not buying a mass produced tee that does the opposite of save the ocean even though it reads “save the ocean.” No, you want to rock brands that are actually doing right by the planet. That’s why we make all of our sunglasses with recycled plastics found in the ocean and landfills, and then donate a pair of reading glasses to someone in need every time you buy a pair of our sustainable sunglasses through our One4One Mission. And we’re not the only ones trying to do better. There’s Cotopaxi, Uncommon Goods, Rareform, Toad & Co, Parks Project and a bunch more. It’s just about reading a little more before you click the buy now button.

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Here’s the thing: we make polarized sunglasses that were made for epic adventures. Translation: they’re anti-slip, zero-bounce, impact-tested, scratch-resistant, 100% polarized, UV 400 and come with a lifetime warranty, all so that you can dare to explore without worrying. That’s why nothing gets us and the team stoked more than seeing you tag us in your different adventures, the best of which we’ll share with our followers, stick on our HQ walls and worship with a shrine. So, go on, explore somewhere crazy and then tag @humps_optics so we can see our shades in the wild.

Thanks for reading!​ For more offbeat adventures and thrill-seeking ideas, follow us on Instagram​ and ​Facebook​, sign up to our newsletter and make the rest of your life the best of your life.

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22 Bucket List Ideas For 2022 (2024)


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