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Dear Caregivers & Parents,

The 2023-24 school year has come to a close, and now is an excellent time to highlight several items worth celebrating. Several weeks ago, the class of 2024 became the latest group of students to become alumni of WDHS. This class saw 145 students receive diplomas and was the first class to spend all four years at the new WDHS on the Brew Farm Campus. This group also established a new standard, with 88 of the 145 students receiving at least one local scholarship. It has been fun to work with this group and, as I mentioned during my commencement address, have them help us grow in the new school. Nicely done, class of 2024, and best wishes! As you can see below, when the weather forced the ceremony inside, we had a great crowd at Jack B. Olson Court.


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Several other noteworthy athletic individual and team accomplishments this year at WDHS saw the soccer team win the program’s first conference championship by winning the SCC title. Volleyball won the SCC championship, and Bryn Janke, a senior volleyball player, accepted a Division-1 scholarship at Ohio University. Senior Nick Ersland captured a 5th-place finish at the WIAA state wrestling tournament and captured his 100th career victory. The boys’ basketball team captured their seventh consecutive SCC championship and won the regional championship. In spring action, the softball team won the SCC championship for the first time in 13 years. The track team sent three individuals to the state track meet, with Salo Ortiz advancing in the 400M run, Sophom*ore Natalie Backhaus capturing second place in the shot put, and senior Michelle Marquard qualified in the 100m run and the pole vault, and her efforts in the pole vault were good enough to get her a personal best, school record and on the medal stand with a sixth-place finish. As you can see, it was a successful year in many sports and seasons.


Since moving into the new WDHS four years ago, the students have taken on many more opportunities for project-based learning due to the features of the new campus. This past year, the WDHS technology education department has implemented a Skills USA Club, and the members of this club competed at regional competitions and the state competition in Madison, WI. Skills USA is a career and technical education club that affords students to demonstrate their talents in carpentry, culinary, welding, and many other project-based learning activities. There were numerous medalists at the regional competitions, and a group consisting of Chris Henry, Hayden Leis, and Braeden Smith won a gold medal in the Team Engineering category.

Additionally, the WDHS FFA was recently recognized as one of the top ten chapters in the state. Students taking various Ag-Science courses receive numerous opportunities to complete hands-on project-based learning activities. As many know, when the district completed a land transfer with the Nelson Family, this expanded the Brew Farm Campus from 80 acres to 177 acres. Students are using several of the original Brew Farm buildings to raise various animals, including but not limited to a variety of chickens, guineas, peaco*cks, and quail in the poultry barn. There are goats, pigs, and rabbits in the original big barn, and soon, a few feeder cattle will arrive. Project-based learning activities like these have aided in increasing student engagement and, as such, have also led to better academic outcomes.


Additionally, with the end of the school year and the release of students for the summer recess, the district also takes some time to recognize its employees for achieving various milestones. The district also recognizes several employees who have elected to retire at the end of the school year or will do so later this summer before the next school year resumes. On behalf of the district, we wish to recognize the following length of service milestones they have reached.

Herb Kohl Education Foundation Teacher Fellows Award:

Katie Slosarek

10 Years of Service:

Danae Cunningham, Michael Delmore, Mandy Haddix, Gloria Kane, Kelli Kenney, Nicole Paukner, Angela Proeber, Laura Schaefer, Andrew Smolenski, and Daniel Wendt

20 Years of Service:

Marla Summers

25 Years of Service:

John Belter, Hugh Gaston, Scott Georgeson, Brian Hartley, Erin Michalsky, Kala Milliren, Bradley Rohling, Kerri Ryan, Heidi Swenson

30 Years of Service:

Mary Bebber & Bill Tofson

35 Years of Service:

Karen Brooks


Dan Brylla, IT Department 7-Years

Mary Ann Glime, 9 Years with the SDWD and 36 total years of teaching

Ann Hinz, 10 years teaching and 19 total years with the SDWD

Brian Hartley, 25 years with the SDWD and 29 total years of teaching

Congratulations to all those recognized for reaching their various years of service. We thank you for your continued efforts with our community's youth!


As we look ahead to the 2024-25 school year, please mark your calendar for all school registration scheduled for Thursday, August 1, 2024. The district will send more details as this date nears, but you may wish to place a hold on your calendar for now. Additionally, any family with a student who needs to register for four-year-old kindergarten can start the process by contacting Executive Administrative Assistant Tiffany Clary at the district office. The district tends to see some late registrations, and families are disappointed because they cannot get the desired schedule. Call to reserve your spot now!

In closing, the district and its students have had a great school year on many levels. Please allow me to close out this newsletter by saying thank you for the opportunity to serve the children of our community. They are our highest priority, and it is our privilege to do so!

Respectfully submitted,

Terrance R. Slack

Home - School District of Wisconsin Dells (2024)


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