How to Pay Quarterly Estimated Taxes Online – IRS & IL DoR (2024)

UPDATED 12/31/2021: Due to a new law, Illinois S-Corps and Partnerships should generally now pay quarterly IL state (not federal) taxes through the business, rather than personally. This post below is about how to pay IRS and IL taxes personally; here’s how to make IL business tax payments.

There are multiple options for paying personal quarterly estimated taxes. You can a) have your tax preparer create vouchers for you, that you then print and mail with a check; b) prepare your own vouchers for the IRS and IL DoR; c) pay online.

As of March 2020, federal and state agencies and the Postal Service are having so many challenges with paper-mailed checks and vouchers that we are encouraging everyone to make any tax payments online.

If you want to pay online, the easiest way to do this is to useIRSDirectPayandIDORMyTaxIllinois.Paying online offers confirmation that the payment made it to the agency, reducing the chance of issues down the road, especially if the check is lost in the mail or routed incorrectly in the processing department. It also allows taxpayers to be very clear about what type of tax and tax period are being submitted, again eliminating confusion on the part of the agency and preventing future problems.

If you are paying online, I recommend making payments one day before the due dates, as sometimes it takes overnight for the agencies’ systems to process payments. The funds are usually pulled from your bank account the same day or one day later, so there is very little wiggle room.

You do not have to have an account with either the IRS or IL DoR in order to make payments using these methods.

Internal Revenue Service (IRS)

For the IRS, once you get to the site, select the following options (noted in the screen shot below) — 1) the reason for the payment, 2) the form you would be mailing in if you weren’t doing this online, and 3) the year to which the payment should apply… for example, for 4th-quarter 2019 personal estimated taxes, you’d select the following:

Here’s a nice little video that walks you through the process of verifying your identity.

Illinois Department of Revenue (IDOR)

For the IDOR, go to the MyTax Illinois site (if you already have an account for sales taxes or another reason — do not log in, unless you are making business tax payments), and then click the “> Make an IL-1040, IL-1040-ES, or IL-505-I payment” link (see print screen below).

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Then follow the instructions for making a quarterly estimated tax payment; it will make you enter your personal information (SSN, etc.) and ask you what kind of tax payment you wish to make.

It may require you to enter your driver’s license information or your AGI from a pasttaxreturn to confirm identityand get your IL-PIN.

Then it will take you to a Payment Information page.

You’ll want to select “IL-1040 Estimated Payment” and enter yourtaxyear. Make sure it’s for the correct year and quarter — this is very important. The example below is for the fourth quarter of 2021.

Then, enter your payment information and click the Submit button.

It will require you to enter and confirm your email address before clicking OK.

Make sure to print the confirmation screen, even though they will send you an email receipt — every once-in-a-while IDOR fails to push the request through, and the amount is not debited or recorded. If you have the print-screen, you can prove you attempted to pay it on-time and that the mistake was theirs.

It will also include a confirmation code, the date/time of the request, the reporting period and amount, and bank withdrawal information. You can click “Printable Confirmation” or just print the webpage to pdf.

Please make sure to note how much you paid to each agency and on which dates — and let your tax preparer know this information as well. Securely uploading copies of the final confirmation screen to your tax preparer or bookkeeper is a great practice, so they can easily store the info in your file.

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How to Pay Quarterly Estimated Taxes Online – IRS & IL DoR (2024)


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