Sport Clips Haircuts of Bedford/Euless - Bedford, TX 76021 - Services and Reviews (2024)

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The Sport Clips experience in Bedford, TX includes sports on TV, legendary steamed towel treatment, and a great haircut from our stylists who are the Pros in Mens Hair and specialize in men’s and boys’ hair care. You’ll walk out feeling like an MVP. At Sport Clips, we’ve turned something you have to do, into something you want to do. And now with our online check in system, you can choose your stylist, check approximate wait times, and wait for your haircut from work, home or even the ballpark!

Sport Clips Haircuts of Bedford/Euless - Bedford, TX 76021 - Services and Reviews (2)



Friday9 AM–8 PM
Saturday9 AM–6 PM
Sunday10 AM–5 PM
Monday9 AM–8 PM
Tuesday9 AM–8 PM
Wednesday9 AM–8 PM
Thursday9 AM–8 PM


Hair Salon
Curly hair
Hair hydration treatments
Kids’ cuts
Barber Shop
Beard Trim
Simple trim to complete detail.
Classic Cuts
Double MVP Experience
Double time on Massaging Shampoo and Neck and Shoulder Massage.
Fashionable Hairstyles
Free Neck Trim
Complimentary neck trim between haircuts.
Hair Cutting
Precision Haircut.
Home Improvements
MVP Experience
Precision Haircut, Legendary Hot Towel Treatment, Refreshing Massaging Shampoo, Invigorating Neck and Shoulder Massage.
Men Sport
Personal Hair Care
Sports Clips
Triple MVP Experience
Triple time on Massaging Shampoo and Neck and Shoulder Massage.
Triple Play
Precision Haircut, Legendary Hot Towel Treatment, Refreshing Massaging Shampoo.

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Address and Contact Information

Address: 3208 Harwood Rd, Bedford, TX 76021

Phone: (817) 868-9059


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We have lollipops for the adults too! #mvp #sportclips #prosinmenshair #boyshaircut

6 days ago

Nothing like a hot towel on a cold day. We will keep them warm for you. Just ask for the MVP! #MVP #hottowel…

Jan 25, 2023

This could be you… Just saying. #sportclips #MVP #prosinmenshair

Jan 20, 2023

No matter how you choose to internet, our online check-in will be there. Check-in on your phone, tablet, or desktop and…

Jan 10, 2023

New year, new haircut? Maybe 2023 is the year to branch out and try a new look. #newyear #sportclipshaircuts #MVP

Jan 2, 2023

Nothing like a good lollipop to finish a great haircut! We specialize in boys’ haircuts, so make sure to bring little junior…

Dec 27, 2022

The holidays are right around the corner, and we are ready for those last-minute haircuts. Make sure you are looking yo…

Dec 22, 2022

It is pretty straight forward. Life is better with the MVP. Try it today! #sportclipshaircuts #MVP #haircuts…

Dec 19, 2022

There is no connection quite like the Stylists to Clients connection we have here at Sport Clips. If you have a…

Nov 29, 2022

The best store is a clean store. We promise to have our store in tip-top shape for you every single day. #sportsclipshairc…

Nov 25, 2022

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Sport Clips Bedford: Haircuts for Men

Looking for a haircut in Bedford? Sport Clips elevates the barber shop … Sport Clips Haircuts of Bedford/Euless. 3208 Harwood Bedford, Texas 76021.

Map / Hours for Sport Clips Haircuts of Bedford/Euless

Call 817-868-9059 or visit this web page for the hours and directions to Sport Clips 3208 Harwood in Bedford Texas.

Sport Clips Haircuts of Bedford/Euless – Home | Facebook

3208 Harwood, Bedford, TX 76021. Get Directions · Rating · 4.2. (15 reviews) · 325 people checked in here · (817) 868-9059 ·


Alex Williams

Got there at 7:35 set an appointment online for 7:05 since the app won’t let me setup for the future. By the time I got there they canceled my appointment and told me they had to close at 7:30 because they were short staffed they had 2 people there. 0 customers. I even offered a 20 dollar tip for cutting my hair because I need it done for my National Gaurd unit transfer. The lady i spoke to was unsympathetic and borderline rude to me. Lazy, pathetic, useless workers at this location. Pick a different sports clip to cut your hair. Took the picture at 7:43pm

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Alfred Medina

Great service! I always like getting fresh cuts to start my weekend. Michelle did an awesome job getting me fixed up with a low taper fade. I appreciate the quality and enthusiasm, will be coming back for future visits.

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aaron e

Moved here 2 years ago and I’ve been searching for

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Nelson Walker

I went to this location at 430. Sign said open until 5, and I saw several employees inside and one attending to a client.I was ignored and the doors were locked. Annoyed and without a haircut. Previous experiences have been lovely and great. This set me off though

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Jacob Jaynes

First time getting my hair cut at this location and It definitely won’t be the last. The shop is very clean and everyone is super friendly. Emily did a fantastic job and paid very good attention to detail. I’ll be back!

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Trey Klick

I love Sport Clips. This location has some of the best Stylists around. The two women who cut my hair are the best. I can’t remember their names because I just started coming to this location a month ago, but as soon as I have them I’ll update. Update: Emily is one of them. I leave here every time feeling and looking great. I also sign in online so I never have to wait long. Y’all keep up the great work.

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Terry Collins

Really great haircut, friendly staff and very clean and hygienic conscious.

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Nilu and Rachel have given me some of the best haircuts I’ve ever received. Thanks for all you do!

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shane john

I have been going to this Sports Clips for 2 1/2 years and I have had a great experience. I use Amy as the manager and she has alway deliver the best haircut. Alway kind and respectful. Also very professional. One of the best haircut places around.

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Gary Holland

Their staff is very professional, and they have an easy online Check-In. My hairstylist, Eileen, always does a fantastic job cutting my hair. She is very professional, has a ton of experience, and she is very knowledgeable when it comes to all of the hair care products. The salon is always clean, and they are Covid cautious and they keep all of their hair cutting tools and the salon sanitary.

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Sport Clips Haircuts of Bedford/Euless - Bedford, TX 76021 - Services and Reviews (2024)


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