VA and community declare end to North Texas Veteran homelessness - VA News (2024)

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VA and community declare end to North Texas Veteran homelessness - VA News (1)

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VA and community declare end to North Texas Veteran homelessness - VA News (2)

“I strive to make better choices that positively impact me and my daughter.”

June 14, 2024

Jeffrey Clapper

Chief of Communications and Community Engagement, VA North Texas

Christopher Varner navigated the battlefields and terrain of Afghanistan as a soldier with skill, precision and confident ease.

His reintegration into civilian life after the military was fraught with challenges and bad choices. Faced with a myriad of personal and legal challenges, in addition to obstacles in maintaining housing for himself and a daughter, Varner began to spiral.

Varner (pictured above at the podium) was one of 532 North Texas Veterans housed in 2023 thanks to collaborative efforts of the HUD-Veterans Affairs Supportive Housing (HUD-VASH) program. That’s a key reason why the city of Dallas was able to join 83 other states and communities across the United States that formally declared an effective end to Veteran homelessness.

The City of Dallas joined North Texas VA and community stalwarts Housing Forward and the All-Neighbors Coalition in formally declaring the effective end of homelessness for North Texas Veterans at Dallas City Hall May 22.

“The words homeless and Veteran should never be used together.”

Meg Kabat, principal senior advisor to the Secretary of Veterans Affairs, was a keynote speaker at the announcement and declaration ceremony attended by hundreds of civic, homeless and Veteran leaders. “The words homeless and Veteran should never be used together,” she said.

In addition to HUD/VASH, VA provides housing through the Grant and Per Diem program, offering temporary housing for Veterans with a structured housing plan, those in need of clinical services and those requiring additional time to prepare for permanent housing. This multifaceted approach ensures VA can cater to the diverse needs of our Veteran population and provide them with the necessary resources to rebuild their lives.

“VA is committed to addressing the holistic needs of our Veterans, including their physical and mental well-being,” said Jason Cave, director, North Texas VA. “Through the health care services for homeless Veterans, quality medical care, mental health support and other essential services we are addressing the crucial stability and recovery part of the overall program.”

Thanks to the HUD/VASH program and the efforts of North Texas VA’s Comprehensive Homeless Center programs, Varner is now on his way to living his best life.

“Not only have I evolved as a Veteran, but I have evolved as a man and strive each day to make better choices that positively impact me and my daughter,” Varner said.

VA North Texas has a total of 1,491 Veterans currently housed through HUD/VASH.

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  1. Nealy & DianaJune 14, 2024 at 16:25 - Reply

    It is really hard to hear Homeless & Veteran in the same sentence, I have had Brother Veteran Friends that had to move in with Family & my Wife & I until they could get on their feet…it is the one of the hardest things to deal with to know that our Veterans future is so insecure & a lot of times (hate to say this) but a lot of the time its the choices they make, Thanks VA for all of the great Strides you have made in making sure that Veterans have a Chance now to get life’s together & get to a Safe Place

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VA and community declare end to North Texas Veteran homelessness - VA News (6)

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VA and community declare end to North Texas Veteran homelessness - VA News (7)

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VA and community declare end to North Texas Veteran homelessness - VA News (2024)


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